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Dovre Forvaltning

Dovre Forvaltning is an independent asset management company with a focused, dedicated and highly competent team. Our goal is to offer our clients the best risk adjusted returns combined with strong personal presence and relationship.

Dovre Forvaltning is a niche player. We create innovative investment products based on how the world is today and where we think the best investment opportunities lie in the future.

Dovre Forvaltning operates under an asset management license granted by the Central Bank of the Republic of Lithuania and is notified in the Kingdom of Norway.


Dovre Insight

Dovre Insight is a weekly newsletter written by our highly experienced CEO Stig R. Myrseth. In the newsletter he presents his views and thoughts on economic and financial market trends as well as individual stocks.

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When preparing the Newsletter Dovre Forvaltning did not follow the requirements of the law to ensure that the information is independent and objective. Please read the legal disclaimer for more information.


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Stigs blogg


De strenge karantenetiltakene i Europa og USA blir nå gradvis lettet. Hva blir konsekvensene for konjunkturene, børsen og corona-epidemien?

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Wall Street har gjenvunnet over halvparten av det tapte tross monsterresesjonen. Hva skyldes det gåtefulle børsrallyet?

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Finanssektoren på Oslo Børs har fått hard medfart etter at corona-viruset brøt ut. Skal fallet kjøpes, eller blir det japanske tilstander de neste årene?

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