Dovre Inside Nordic

Dovre Inside Nordic

Dovre Inside Nordic is the first legal insiders fund in Europe. Fund follows the primary insiders in listed companies as they have the information advantage. The proven concept and theory is that insiders as a group over time will do better than the average investor on the Stock Exchange.

Fund's assets will be invested mainly in shares, but the fund may also invest in varying lengths and different grade companies‘ debt securities and derivative financial instruments to manage currency risk.

Fund invests in the Nordic region. Why this region? First, it successfully navigated through the turmoil of financial crisis. Second, Nordic countries are ranked among the highest in the world in terms of global competitiveness and business practices.


Fund facts DIN (NOK)

Unit value242.62
Day change1.07 %
Week change-0.16 %
Month change1.05 %
3 months change3.32 %
6 months change0.60 %
Year to Date (YTD)14.89 %
Last Year5.19 %
Since start (18/05/2015)39.37 %

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Future returns will depend, inter alia, on market developments, subfund manager’s skills, subfund’s risk profile, subscription and management fees. The return may become negative as a result of negative price developments.

Product overview

DIN 10 biggest investments

Securitas AB B 4.00 %
Alfa Laval AB 4.00 %
Castellum AB 4.00 %
Electrolux, AB B 4.00 %
Volvo (publ), AB B 4.00 %
Latour Investment AB B 4.00 %
Wallenstam AB B 4.00 %
Dometic Group AB 4.00 %
Kungsleden AB 3.00 %

DIN Investments by sector

DIN Investments by country


  • 15 % Oslo Børs Benchmark index
  • 10 % OMX Copenhagen Benchmark Cap GI
  • 40 % OMX Stockholm Benchmark Cap GI
  • 25 % OMX Helsinki Benchmark Cap GI
  • 10 % Norway Government Bond Index 0.25 years (ST1X)

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