Stig Roar Myrseth

Stig R. Myrseth

Stig R. Myrseth (born November 22. 1972, Harstad, Norway) is a Norwegian equity manager. In 2011 he founded the equity management company Dovre Forvaltning, establishing the worlds first insiders fund, Dovre Inside Nordic. Most norwegians will know Myrseth from his weekly column in the financial newspaper Finansavisen, which he has been writing every monday since 2009.

Myrseth finished school in Harstad, Norway in 1991 with top grades. In 1991 he tok the silver medal in chemistry olympics in Łódź.


Stig R. Myrseth

Stig R. Myrseth was born in Harstad, Norway in 1972, and established Dovre Forvaltning in 2011.

After completing high school as the best student that year, he began to study chemistry at the University of Tromsø

Stig established Orion Securities in Norway in 1999, later on sold it to, and continued to work in, Terra Markets.

On New Year's Eve 2010/2011 Finansavisen, the Norwegian Financial Daily, declared Stig Myrseth as Norway's best stock picker in a front page story.

In addition, Stig R. Myrseth has won the stock picking contest "Børsspeilet" in the magazine "Økonomisk Rapport" for eight years in a row

For over 20 years in the financial sector, Stig has worked in several financial companies.

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