Legal disclaimers


Dovre Forvaltning is an asset management company. The company does trades on behalf of its clients in the stock market.

Dovre Forvaltning often expresses opinions about finance markets, economy, shares and investment possibilities in various articles, emails, this website and other media channels (hereinafter referred to as Communication).

Any such Communication from Dovre Forvaltning is for information purposes only. The Communication does not constitute any investment advice and you should not rely on it in connection with any investment decision. Dovre Forvaltning is not a research company that publishes independent analysis. When we prepare the Communication, we do not follow legal requirements for analysis to ensure that the information is independent and objective. Dovre Forvaltning has no restrictions to place orders before publishing such information or Communication.

Funds and portfolios managed by Dovre Forvaltning may include some of the financial instrument mentioned in the Communication but this should not be treated as an investment advice.

Dovre Forvaltning does not offer any public advice regarding the nature, potential value or suitability of any particular investment, security or investment strategy. Dovre Forvaltning does not take responsibility for accuracy of the information, analyses, opinions, damages or losses resulting from the Communication.

Dovre Forvaltning does not take any responsibility for loss or damage arising from using the Communication.