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The financial industry is facing dramatic changes when the MiFID II Directive goes into effect on January 1st 2017. The key word is "unbundling".

The first MiFID directive came out in 2007. MiFID stands for "Markets in Financial Instruments Directive", and the law aims to harmonize capital markets in the European Union, create more competition and better investor protection.

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This summer’s puncturing in the commodity market is bad news for Putin and the Russian economy. Russian oil stocks are the world's most unpopular asset class.

Russia is the world's largest producer of oil, chromium, nickel and palladium and is also a major exporter of a variety of other materials such as aluminum and natural gas.

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The housing markets pose a growing threat to the financial stability in Norway and Sweden. Danish housing prices have significant upside.

The Scandinavian housing markets have developed very different. The financial crisis led to a marked fall in prices and a banking crisis in Denmark. In recent years the Danes have saved and brought down debt.

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The Dog days have started, and according to folk belief things tend to easily "go wrong" at this time of the year. We have taken a closer look at what can go wrong in the stock market.

Greece and the Eurozone are the first one on our list. It's hard to say if the final outcome will be a Grexit or not.

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Which stocks can double up by the end of the year? We have looked at some of the companies in which it may be possible to make a quick buck.

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