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The time around Christmas and New Year is believed to be particularly lucrative in the stock market. We have looked closely at what is myth and what is fact.

While the kids can hardly wait for Santa's arrival, investors are looking forward to the Christmas and New Year’s rally. However, there is one problem - there no longer is a New Year’s rally.

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The upswing since the financial crisis has been disappointing. Growth has been poor, both in relation to the previous business cycles and economists' forecasts.

This decade around the time of New Year there have always been expectations that the economic growth will finally return to good old levels during the coming year.

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The cannons on the Ukrainian steppes are finally falling silent and the Ukraine crisis has fallen out of the news. The gradual improvement in relations signals several investment opportunities.

While there used to be dozens of lives lost in war acts in Ukraine every day, now mostly sporadic skirmishes happen.

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After three years of sharp decline, the NOK is set for a trend change in 2016. In that case, the exchange rate driven party for non-petroleum related export industry is coming to an end.

During the summer of 2013 Norges Bank grew concerned about the Norwegian economy and took a dovish stance on the monetary policy. This, together with the subsequent oil price collapse, sent the NOK into freefall.

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The laissez-faire capitalism is dying as the society's tolerance for bad behavior in the business world is waning. Several companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange are therefore at risk.

Volkswagen’s shareholders have had a tough autumn. Many believe the crash in the stock price is a buying opportunity.

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