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As it is known, the best view is from the top. Trading by primary insiders in their own company’s shares in commodity producing companies is the exception from the rule.

It is important to take notice when board members and senior management are trading in their own shares. Because insiders have an information advantage, financial theory suggests that over time they will do better than the average investor.

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The mixture of falling lending rates, high population growth and many years of under production have again fired up the Norwegian housing market. This creates great profit opportunities for residential house builders.

The start of the year has been surprisingly strong in the housing market. Even in the oil capital of Norway, Stavanger, prices rose in January. For the last twelve months prices are up by 8.5 percent nationwide, and the pace is accelerating.

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Statoil’s newly appointed CEO at the previous week's results presentation announced that the dividends will be maintained. It was a wise decision. Dividend shares may be the big winners in 2015.

Negative interest rates are tipping over Europe and Japan. Here may be mentioned that Denmark recently cut interest rates for the fourth time so far this year, which has brought the central bank's deposit rate to negative 0.75 percent. It is on par with Switzerland.

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With the current low oil price it is no surprise that there is no earnings feast on the Oslo Stock Exchange. More surprisingly there isn’t one on Wall Street also.

Optimism in US households is increasing rapidly and is at its highest level in seven years. Americans have much to rejoice over. Unemployment is approaching normal levels, interest rates are at a record low and the gasoline price has plunged.

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The price of copper and numerous other industrial commodities are in freefall. What is the commodity market attempting to tell us?

It is said that the price of copper has a PhD in economics as a result of its ability to predict the business cycle. Because the metal has a variety of application areas, the demand for it draws a good picture of the health of the world economy.

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