Dovre Forvaltning is an independent asset management company with a focused, dedicated and highly competent team. Our goal is to offer our clients the best risk adjusted returns combined with strong personal presence and relationship. Dovre Forvaltning is a niche player. We create innovative investment products based on how the world is today and where we think the best investment opportunities lie in the future.


Dovre Inside Nordic - is the first legal insiders fund in Europe. Fund follows the primary insiders in listed companies as they have the information advantage. The proven concept and theory is that insiders as a group over time will do better than the average investor on the Stock Exchange.


Fund's assets will be invested mainly in shares, but the fund may also invest in varying lengths and different grade companies‘ debt securities and derivative financial instruments to manage currency risk. 

Fund invests in the Nordic region. Why this region? Firstly, it successfully navigated through the turmoil of financial crisis. Secondly, Nordic countries are ranked among the highest in the world in terms of global competitiveness and business practices. 

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Dovre Inside Nordic


Dovre Baltic Sea is an actively managed mutual fund who choses best companies in the Baltic States and Poland through fundamental analysis of various indicators. The major part of fund’s assets will be invested into listed stocks.



Fund will seek return on investment greater than the one of the chosen benchmark index by investing in most attractive companies situated in Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and Poland.


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Dovre Baltic Sea


Discretionary Asset Management is an exclusive investment service tailor made for the individual investor. Through Discretionary Asset Management you hire Dovre Forvaltning as your personal asset manager.


Discretionary Asset Management offers greater flexibility than traditional mutual funds, mainly because there is no need to be fully invested all the time. The portfolio manager has the flexibility to be partly or fully invested depending on what his expectations towards the stock market are.

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